Episode 26: What is a lead and how to build your own lead generation system?

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Episode Notes

Before talking about leads you need to know your ideal client. Do not try to serve everyone but the people you enjoy working with and who you know you can help instead.

The 2 types of leads

Cold lead

ideal client who doesn’t know about you and your services yet.
They never heard about you, don’t follow you yet and haven’t seen your content or very little of it.

  • First step your ideal client has to go through before considering working with you.
What to do?

Bring awareness, create content that will help them get to know an like you. 2 first steps of the Know, like & trust factor.
How? Be visible, show up where they are. Be strategic regarding the social media you are going to use.
Share your values and brand personality as well.

Warm lead

Knows and like you and is starting to trust you. Warm leads are the people who are almost ready to buy because you showed them you were the go-to expert they were looking for.

How do you convert a warm lead into an actual client?
  • You present them an irresistible offer that is the solution to their #1 challenge.
  • You make it a no brainer and emphasis on the results they will get by working with you. If you present the right offer to your warm leads, you can easily convert them into paying clients. To do so, you need to follow the steps of your ideal client’s journey.
  • Common mistake that new entrepreneurs make: trying to convert a cold lead into a client right away.

Exciting announcement KISS Launch Academy!

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What does KISS stand for?

KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. It is a marketing concept that you can find in many strategies on and off the internet. The principle is as follows: the simpler, the better!

And this works for your messaging, your client and lead attraction system and the way you manage your business on a daily basis.

When I started to apply the KISS principle to my business, I finally had the breakthrough that I was looking for.

I was able to build a community of 500+ women on Facebook and an email list of 600 subscribers. I had my ideal clients DMing me to know more about my services and signed my first retainer client as a Social Media Manager.

So when I thought about how I could help other talented women like you launch their online businesses in a way that feels natural and easy to them, I automatically thought about KISS marketing!

This principle is at the core of The KISS Launch Academy.

When does The KISS Launch Academy starts?

Launching in April
5 spots available, per application only. Learn more about The Academy.

To present you The KISS Launch Academy and so that you can understand how it could help you launch a profitable online business in the next 3 months, I have decided to run a free workshop!

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