Episode 12

Knowing when to slow down and not feeling guilty about it

Podcast highlights:​


This week I did not want to talk about marketing or business tips instead, I wanted to address the topic of knowing when to slow down and not feeling guilty for it. This is going to be key to ensuring the longevity of your business and that you still have fun building it!

Why is taking a break so important?

Reason 1: To take a step back, gain some perspective and adjust your marketing strategy if needed.

Reason 2: You need to refill your energy tank.

  • Slowing down doesn’t mean you will not make money.
  • My tips to deal with the guilt of slowing down.

Tell me in the comments: are you working, enjoying your holidays or a little bit of both? And how do you refill your energy tank?

I hope this episode really gave you some perspective and inspiration and I will see you in the next one!




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