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episode 23 PODCAST

Episode 23: Freelancer vs Business Owner: Which one should you choose?

Listen to this episode on: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Deezer or Castbox. Episode Notes What is the difference between a freelancer and a business owners? What are the advantages and downsides in both? Which one should you choose? Is it possible to switch from one to another? Feel free to post your questions in the comments or send me a …

podcast episode 20

Episode 20: Budgeting Principles For Small Businesses With Stephanie Hill-Manuel

My guest of the week is a Certified Director of Operations and Profit Strategist. After over a decade in corporate, climbing the proverbial ladder, Stephanie decided to branch out and work one on one with small businesses. She helps solopreneurs create business goals, outsource a task, streamline their operations or implement a technology solution. She basically helps them create a measurable impact on your organization. Her name is Stephanie Hill-Manuel.

podcast 19

Episode 19: How to Manage Your Personal & Business Finance like a Pro with Tremaine Wills

My guest of the week is the owner of Mind Over Money, LLC, a Register Investment Advisor firm, where she focuses on helping ambitious black women create and execute financial plans. Tremaine is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and is passionate about promoting financial literacy. This passion led her to start a free community, Get Your Money Right, focused on helping the black community shift the narrative on the wealth gap. and has been working in personal finance since 2012. Her name is Tremaine Wills.

Episode 17: From Non-Profit to Entrepreneur: Tips from Corinne Hone, Social Media Manager & Coach

My guest of the week is the founder of Hone Your Social, a social media management business that specializes in content creation, storytelling, and organic social media growth. After finding success on social media as a food influencer in her new home of Salt Lake City, she launched her own social media management business to help busy entrepreneurs get their business idea visible online, so they can build a new life around a business they are passionate about! Her name is Corinne Hone.