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Episode 9: How to sales pitch your services confidently as a new online entrepreneur with Ryann Dowdy

My guest of the day helps brand new business owners build 6-figure businesses by mastering their sales conversations and their mindset. She spent 15 years in the Corporate world selling, coaching and leading sales teams. After deciding that she didn’t want to climb the ladder anymore, she realized that there are armies of women in the world doing amazing things…but their businesses continued to struggle. After a ton of networking and connecting she learned that the Sales piece was missing. No one is teaching women how to sell in a genuine way that is about serving and connection! So she decided to coach new female entrepreneurs how to sale confidently. Her name is Ryann Dowdy.

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podcast episode 8

Episode 8: Best tips to build a successful online business in 2020 as a multi-passionate creative with Danielle Uhl

My guest of the day is gone from making $520 her first year of business and struggling with feeling not good enough to starting & running 3 businesses from the ground up, leaving her day job, and creating the life she desired – doing the work she loved, traveling, spending quality time with her family AND taking the best care of herself!
Through an individualized and holistic approach to coaching, she helps her clients transform their Life + Business and Mindset by unlocking what’s keeping them stuck and uplevel to create their version of success! Her name is Danielle Uhl.

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Podcast episode 7

Episode 7: How to start day trading as a side hustle for complete beginners with Marina Villatoro

Welcome to this new episode of her online business. My guest of the day is nicknamed the trader chick. She helps complete beginners do day trading with confidence and ease. If anyone has a desire to learn day trading and has no idea where to start, she takes them from newbie to pro (trader) fast. She does things very differently. her students get the guidance to fully read the markets and start their day trading journey successfully. Her goal is to make day trading super accessible, fun and doable for everyone. Her name is Marina Villatoro.

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podcast episode 5

Episode 5: How to set your own rules as a business owner, be true to yourself and follow your passion with Jenny Ambrose

Hi and welcome to this new episode of her online business. Today I have a very special guest with me. She is an amazing designer, creative, and innovative thinker running an award winning design science & strategy studio called Purée Fantastico. She is part scientist, part artist, all powerhouse, she knows how to sync with her client’s deepest voice and concerns. Whether it’s creative direction, design, illustration, copywriting, strategic problem solving or thorough research and analysis, it can be trusted that she can handle it with grace, tireless expertise, and unstoppable enthusiasm. Her name is Jenny Ambrose.

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Episode 4: Money Management and Financial Advice for Entrepreneurs with Maria Iacob

My guest of the day is an expert in all finance related topics for businesses and private individuals. After over a decade working in trading, banking and wealth management, holding several qualifications in financial advice, retirement planning and investment management she is prepared to deliver clarity, professionalism and transparency to anyone looking to make sense of their financial future and gain peace of mind that everything is as it should be. Her name is Maria Iacob.

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Episode 3: Money mindset: Stop acting like an employee, act like a CEO

Welcome to this new episode of Her Online business podcast. Today I want to address a topic that means a lot to me which is money mindset. As you saw, I entitled this episode Money mindset stop acting like an employee, act like a CEO. I believe that money mindset is one of the most important obstacles that is preventing so many of us from becoming successful entrepreneurs with profitable businesses. And I say us because I am also guilty of this sometimes.

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Episode 1: Her Online Business Podcast Presentation & Market Research

Episode 1 of Her Online Business podcast. I am excited to start this new project with you all. Today I will tell you a little bit more about me and why I wanted to start this podcast. I am going to tell you what you can expect to find here and discuss a recent market research that I did about women’s entrepreneurship. Let’s dive into it.

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