Part 1/3

Conversion Rate Optimization with AJ Davis

Questions Asked:​


As entrepreneurs having a website can be both challenging and crucial for our businesses. But even after building it you still have to understand how to:⁠

✔️Convert your viewers into buyers⁠

✔️ Make it user-friendly⁠

✔️ Analyze your website performances⁠ ⁠

So to answer some of the most asked questions regarding website optimization I have partnered with an amazing business woman AJ Davis from @experimentzone.

AJ used to worked at Google on the Google Optimize product and now owns her own company. She helps e-commerce, service-based businesses improve their customer experience using data, so that they can ultimately see more conversions. ⁠ ⁠ We’ve decided to do 3 episodes to cover this very hot topic.

Today’s episode is about conversion rate optimization and the tools you can start implementing today to optimize your website.⁠ ⁠ I hope you’ll like it. Subscribe to the podcast on Deezer, Apple Podcast, Google Play or Spotify to be notified when a new episode comes out. 

Tools to start optimizing your website:

  • First Impression testing. 
    • Make sure visitors know what the site is about. 
    • Make sure they know where to click.
  • Click tracking (like Hotjar, LuckyOrange)
    • Know where visitors are clicking
    • See how far visitors are scrolling
  • Analytics (like Google Analytics)
  • Google Optimize

Other support and resources

  • Great book: 
    • Don’t Make me Think – Steven Krug
  • Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Tools: 
    • Track your conversion ideas & outcomes.

Where to find AJ’s services:

Request a free 1-hour website audit at


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