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How to attract new leads for your business organically?

Attracting new leads for your business is both a crucial and a challenging step. As a new entrepreneur or even if you already have some experience, you have to attract new leads consistently so that you can turn them into clients and have a steady source of income. You could use paid advertising to do so but it is still not a long-term strategy. Indeed as soon as the ads stop running, the leads stop as well. Therefore in this article I want to share with you my best tips to attract new leads for your business organically.

Use the power of Facebook groups

Joining a couple of Facebook groups within my niche and area of expertise is one of the first thing I did when I launched my business in order to attract new leads. Facebook groups are a way to get in direct contact with your potential clients. There are of course rules to follow. Usually each Facebook group has rules concerning DMing members and self-promotion.

So before you join one make sure you read their rules and guidance to avoid any surprise. Once you are in focus on delivering value before “asking for money”. Comment on people’s posts and give your own take and advice on a particular matter. I would personally not DM anyone if they did not solicited it. It can appear as spammy and it’s frankly annoying to dozens of DM and friend requests from complete strangers. Also do not hesitate to participate in social sharing and self-promotion threads to make yourself more visible and attract people who would love to know more about you and your services.

Increase your reach on Instagram

If you don’t have an Instagram business account yet you may consider creating one or turning your personal account into a business one. Instagram has billions of users and has been bought by Facebook a few years back. So Facebook and Instagram greatly compliment each other. With Instagram you can reach a younger target than Facebook. It is also a highly visual platform so if you enjoy posting pictures and graphics Instagram is definitely for you.

As you probably know hashtags play an important role on Instagram. Indeed, by using a mix of medium range and popular hashtags you increase your chances to get your content visible for people who do not follow you yet. And don’t underestimate your consistency efforts. There are people who may see your content daily but won’t follow you and then one day buy your service or DM you to have more information.

So my advice would be to be patient and try different engagement strategies, different types of content to see how your audience react. Make sure to also keep an eye on your analytics to know when is your audience connected and post consequently.

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Create consistent and valuable content

Content marketing is key when it comes to online entrepreneurship. Indeed the only way for people to find you is through your content. So choose one type of content that you feel comfortable with and know that you can be consistent with it. Then schedule it with an app or software scheduler so that it will be automatically posted on your social media. There are plenty of apps with a free option such as Creator Studio, Later or Planoly.

Be aware that you should not just post any type of content. Your content should cover at least one of these areas:

  • Helping people know more about you as a person
  • Selling your services by talking about the value they offer
  • Teaching your audience something valuable
  • Entertaining or motivating your audience

Once you know your audience and their main struggle, you can create your content marketing strategy accordingly to attract new leads and stand out. People who relate to your content will be more likely to buy from you down the line so make sure you take care of your content strategy or review it if it doesn’t give you the expected results.

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs

This might seem counter-intuitive for some but collaborating with other entrepreneurs that you may at first consider as competitors, can change the game for you. Indeed, just like influencers are paid by brands for their authority and the number of people they can potentially reach, working with another entrepreneur can help you broaden your audience and potential leads.

It is for instance what I do with my podcast. I love interviewing other successful female entrepreneurs because I always learn something and I believe that we are stronger especially as women when we empower one another. If you are scared of losing clients to someone else through a collaboration, remember that people who relate to you and your way of doing business will come to you regardless. Every one’s energy and personality are different so even within the same niche, you will find entrepreneurs who have distinctly different types of clients.

Create a freebie

One of my favorite way to generate new leads for my business is by creating an irresistible freebie to answer one of my ideal client’s issues. A freebie or leadmagnet is a free gift you give to your audience in exchange for their email address. You can then add them to your mailing list and start nurturing a relationship with these new leads.

There are so many freebies that you can create. Here are a few examples:

  • Guides
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Spreadsheets
  • Video/Email training
  • E-books
  • Mini course
  • etc.

So you can definitely have fun here and be creative! Also always keep your ideal client in mind when you are creating. You don’t want to spend hours on this either as it is something you give up for free. So make it simple and appealing enough for people to want to download your freebie but also read/watch it.

Offer a mini course or live training

Whatever your business may be: coaching, consulting, VA services, even lifestyle tips, you always have something to teach people about. The best way to show to your potential clients that you know what you are talking about, is to offer them a glimpse of your work with a course.

There are multiple ways you can put a course together. This could be:

  • An email course where you sent people tips and tricks during 3 to 5 days.
  • A live training: you can do that on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram and announce the training in advance to your audience so that they can tune in.
  • A recorded video course: that people can access after giving their email address.

Offering a mini course is powerful in a sense that it allows you to qualify your leads without having to think about it. Indeed, people who opt for a course and go through with it are more likely to see the value that you are offering and then convert into paying clients. So if you don’t have tested this yet I highly encourage you to do so.

Offer a free 1:1 consultation

Another way to attract new leads for your business especially if you are a coach or consultant is by offering a free consultation. It is usually a 20-30 minutes video call. So it goes pretty fast and require for you to have a clear sales pitch. You will also get better at it with time and experience. Just like any other service that you offer there should be some value in the call but don’t turn it into a free coaching session.

To do so, I would advise to qualify your leads before actually jumping on a call. You can ask people to fill in a short form with their name/company/main struggle so that you can at least prepare the call and make sure that the person qualifies for the type of service you are offering. If you enjoy direct contact with people through phone or video calls this would be a great way for you to convert a cold lead into a client within just a couple of minutes of talking with them.

And voilร ! I hope you found these tips useful and will start implementing them if you haven’t already. Tell me in the comments what is your favorite way to attract new leads for your business?


  1. I like the way you broke down the things we should be posting on social media. This was very helpful information.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am really glad you found the article useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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