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Episode 24: Is it possible to be an introvert, empath and an online entrepreneur?

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Episode Notes

Characteristics of an introvert:

Introverts are more turned towards their inner world vs. external world They enjoy their own company, small groups instead of big crowded events.
After interacting with people, they need a couple of hours or days to recharge.

They are not necessarily shy, nor we don’t they like people, but just like people with moderation.

On the opposite, extraverts need to be surrounded with people most of the time and are more talkative.

Characteristics of an empath:

An empath is like a sponge that absorbs whatever is happening around them. They easily connect with someone else’s emotions & feelings
But, sometimes they can mix someone’s emotions with their own.

How being an introvert and an empath affect my business in a positive way?

  • Identifying my ideal client and connect with their struggles and challenges
  • I love reading, brainstorming ideas which enables me to unlock my creative part and come up with content, concepts and new ideas to grow my business.
  • I am not very talkative so I’d rather choose your words wisely because I don’t like to beat around the bush. It always me to save time and more accurate in my messaging.
  • I prefer few but meaningful interactions which is great because I have connected with wonderful and talented people and recognize people that I can learn something from and vice versa. That’s how I have been able to bring amazing women entrepreneurs on the podcast to share their experience with us.

My tips for people with different personalities types:

  • Set clear boundaries
  • Disconnect social media from time to time, spend time on your own because you are a great person by yourself too!
  • Only use strategies that are aligned with your personality type and own it!

Whatever you are, your uniqueness is your advantage!

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