podcast 19

Episode 19: How to Manage Your Personal & Business Finance like a Pro with Tremaine Wills

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My guest of the week is the owner of Mind Over Money, LLC, a Register Investment Advisor firm, where she focuses on helping ambitious black women create and execute financial plans. Tremaine is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and is passionate about promoting financial literacy. This passion led her to start a free community, Get Your Money Right, focused on helping the black community shift the narrative on the wealth gap. and has been working in personal finance since 2012. Her name is Tremaine Wills.

Episode Notes

  • How she became aware of the importance of wealth management and knowing how to maximize your profit?
  • Top money mindset blocks and how to correct them?
  • Mistakes that side hustlers do while launching their business
  • How to choose the right financial advisor?
  • How does she help your clients get their finance together?

Get in touch with Tremaine

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tremainewills

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mindovermoneyllc

Website: https://www.mindovermoney.net

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