podcast ep 18

Episode 18: Tips to balance your masculine and feminine energies as a Leader with Rene’ Murata

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My guest of the week is a 2x Business Owner, Leadership Coach, and Master Healer. Her calling is to serve women who are looking to reclaim balance in their personal and professional lives and find their CEO Essence through use of a variety of healing and coaching modalities. Her name is Rene’ Murata.

Episode Notes

  • How/when did you become aware of the importance of balancing your energies?
  • What helped you be your true self as a female leader working in a male dominated industry?
  • What happens when you are out of balance (distorted masculine/feminine energy)
  • Can you give 3 tips to help female entrepreneurs and CEOs start balancing their sacred energies?
  • How do you help your clients do that?
  • Where can people find out more about the Quantum Leadership Institute?
  • Who is it for?

Where to find Rene’s services?




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