Episode 17: From Non-Profit to Entrepreneur: Tips from Corinne Hone, Social Media Manager & Coach

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My guest of the week is the founder of Hone Your Social, a social media management business that specializes in content creation, storytelling, and organic social media growth. After finding success on social media as a food influencer in her new home of Salt Lake City, she launched her own social media management business to help busy entrepreneurs get their business idea visible online, so they can build a new life around a business they are passionate about! 

Hone Your Social offers both full-service social media management services and coaching programs so that no matter what stage of business you are in, they will be there to help you nail your brand messaging, connect with dream clients/ customers, and elevate your business online. Her name is Corinne Hone.

Episode notes

  • How did you get started as an entrepreneur?
  • Who are your main clients?
  • Which hurdles did you personally face when you started your SMM (social media management) business and how did you overcome them?
  • What do you think helped you turn from the non-profit world to making a full income with your business?
  • Can you give us 3 actionable tips for new entrepreneurs who want to manage their own social media?
  • Where can people find you and your services?

Where to find Corinne’s services?

Instagram: @hone.your.social

Facebook: Hone Your Social with Corinne Hone

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