Ep.20: Budgeting Principles With Stephanie Hill-Manuel

Episode 20

Budgeting Principles For Small Businesses With Stephanie Hill-Manuel

Podcast highlights:​


My guest of the week is a Certified Director of Operations and Profit Strategist. After over a decade in corporate, climbing the proverbial ladder, Stephanie decided to branch out and work one on one with small businesses. She helps solopreneurs create business goals, outsource a task, streamline their operations or implement a technology solution. She basically helps them create a measurable impact on your organization. Her name is Stephanie Hill-Manuel.

We will do a 2 part interview series because Stephanie has so much knowledge to share. We could not cover properly the finances and budgeting for small businesses in just 1 interview.

This first part is about budgeting for small businesses, tips and mistakes to avoid.

Next week: we will address the profitability aspect of a business. How to make sure your business is profitable and take cost-effective actions?

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