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7 Tips to sell your first service online

Yaay you finally did it! You took the leap to become an entrepreneur and feel excited about this new adventure. Congratulations!!! Now comes one of the most daunting parts which is to actually sell your first ever service online. How do you proceed when it is your first time? Of course you don’t want to appear to salesy or pushy but you need your first clients to be able to actually dive in and test your service. So in this article, I’ve decided to gather 7 tips that you can follow in order to sell your first service online. Ready? Let’s do this!!!

Start with what you know

This will make things simpler. To sell your first service online start with a skill that you already have and that you can transform into a service. Indeed people are willing to pay someone else to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing themselves or that they think time consuming. So that’s where you can find your zone of genius. Instead of starting from scratch, offering a skill that you already have will give you the confidence that you need in order to sell your service. You already know that you are good at it because your entourage told you so.

Also you can think about a skill that you learned or applied at your job. This will give you even more credibility because you already use that skill in a professional environment. So you can showcase some results that you got even before having your own paying clients. It is very reassuring for people who don’t know you at all. It helps building trust which is the ultimate thing you need to convince your future client.

Improve your skills

You never want to rest on your laurels. Especially when it comes to the world of entrepreneurship which can be quite competitive. So find a way to improve and enhance your actual skills to be able to position yourself as an expert. There are plenty of resources (free and paid ones) that you can find out there. In order to avoid the overwhelm here is what you can do.

  • Focus on one skill at the time: don’t try to be in all places at once. You become better when you put your energy into one specific area. It is also easier for your ideal client to identify what it is that you do and how you can help them.
  • Invest in yourself through an online course or coaching program. It is what I did in my first month as an entrepreneur. Indeed, you can only go so far with free resources that you’ve collected here and there. At some point you’ll see that there is real value in paying for a system that will help you save months if not years of trying to figure things out by yourself.
  • Implement right away! Indeed, you need to build the momentum. As one say: strike while the iron is hot which also means that you should test what you’ve learn with your clients. You could for example offer a service in exchange for a testimonial. Remember that social proof (with testimonials and portfolios) are a great way to set you apart for the crowd and gain more visibility and credibility at the same time.

Offer a trial period

Offering a trial period can reassure your client and yourself. I would recommend a 1-week to 14-day trial period maximum depending on the service that you are offering. It releases some of the pressure of getting results off of your shoulders. Besides, it could turn into a long term partnership with your first ever paying client! So it is something you might look into at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. But do that only for 1 or 2 clients and then once you are sure about the results you can get them, charge accordingly and confidently.

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Offer a Money Back Guarantee

This is similar to the previous point but a money back guarantee is usually used for online courses and coaching programs. The benefits lie in the fact that since the programs require a rather important money investment from the client with a transformation promised at the end of it. They get a test of it and if within a month of doing the work they do not see any results they can then ask for a refund. When done correctly offering a money back guarantee can help you uplift one of the most common objections which is “I can’t afford it”.

Ask within your network

People often forget the power of having a network. From friends, to family and ex-colleagues, your network is much larger than you may think. So when you are just starting out do no hesitate to email your contacts and post on your social media that you are looking for your first clients to try your service! People who know or who got referred to you are more likely to trust you and help you out. If you don’t feel comfortable talking directly to strangers at first then reach out to your network and spread the word about your amazing service.

Speak to your ideal client daily

At some point of course you will have to go out there and talk to your ideal client directly. Indeed, you don’t want to just work with anybody. Your ideal client is out there and needs you. But it is your responsibility to reach out to them. To do so, you need to put your content in front of your ideal client. They need to know that you exist because they can even start thinking about hiring you. This is where your social media content strategy will prove to be useful. Before even having an actual audience. Create content that you know will appeal to your ideal client so that when the time comes they will know exactly who you are and why they want to work with you.

Have your sales page or payment method ready

If I had only one tech tip to give you in this article it would be to have a simple way for your client to pay you. It would be too bad to have gone to all the previous steps and then lose the sale because you had no clue how to get effectively paid right? So the simple thing you can do is:

  • Create a Business account on Paypal or Stripe which is free. They charge you a fee only when a payment has been made.
  • Have a sales page on your website if you have one or there are also tools that you can use to have a page online where people can directly by from.
  • If you don’t know how to create a sales page yet then make sure to write your company policies and service presentation and make it accessible to download in a pdf format. That way your ideal client will be able to make an informed decision while buying your service.

That’s it! I hope you found these tips useful and are ready to get paid doing what you truly love! Tell me in the comments what are your best tips to sell your first service online?

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  1. These are all great tips and I love how simple you made them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you Kimberley! I am glad you liked them ๐Ÿ™‚

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